Actibump is a speed-reduction system that only affects vehicles that are going too fast. Prodelox developed Actibump in a collaboration with Edeva and the Municipality of Linköping. A test installation was put into service in 2010 and has shown good results.

Project description

Actibump represents a patented technology from Prodelox in which part of the street is sinks down to reveal a steel-coated bump. This solution enhances the product’s ability to handle the weight of passing vehicles. No moving parts are subjected to dynamic loads from traffic.


The purpose of a speed bump is to reduce traffic speed and thus reduce risks for other road users. If a vehicle is maintaining the speed limit, it passes the speed bump without any interference, but a vehicle traveling too fast will cause a part of the road to sink down. After a successful initial implementation, Linköping Municipality ordered a second installation in November 2011. Prodelox’s development work was highly technical and carried out in close collaboration with the client. Edeva is discussing opportunities for new installations with several new potential clients.