Prodelox is a product development agency that brings ideas to life and shapes tomorrow’s products. We quickly turn ideas into products that will reach the market. Prodelox helps companies from any sphere – from global names like ELFA and Elekta, to start-ups like Edeva and XM Reality – to develop new innovations and improve existing products. Our many clients have discovered that our approach offers unique opportunities to create innovative products whose form and expression fit perfectly with their function and the chosen production method.

We’re a creative product development agency

Prodelox was founded in 2007 with a vision to develop products in a different way. The idea was to bring together all the necessary elements of good product development under the same roof and to work without boundaries between areas of expertise or functionality.

This vision proved to meet a need among product-owning companies. Our client base has gradually grown, and many have become recurring customers. This led to continuous growth for Prodelox, which currently employs some 30 skilled and dedicated product developers helping hundreds of customers.

Extensive experience of creative solutions.

At Prodelox we love to brainstorm with all the strength of our broad expertise and all the experience we’ve amassed from the hundreds of projects we’ve completed to create innovative solutions that work.

Practical reality is the core of everything we do.

All of us at Prodelox believe that practical reality is at least as important as theory when developing products. We build and test prototypes in our workshop, often already at the idea stage, to ensure that the reality lives up to the theory.

Theoretical expertise ensures results you can rely on.

Our employees represent countless university hours and many years of experience working in complex, highly theoretical projects. This gives us a uniquely broad skill set, from designing advanced plastic molding tools to performing any number of technical calculations.

Vi har valt Prodelox för de har bred kompetens inom allt från mekanik till industridesign. Dessutom levererar de bra lösningar med hög kreativitet, i rätt tid och till rätt peng. Vi mycket nöjda med samarbetet fungerat och resultaten.

Per Bröms, Chief Architect på ThinFilm

Vi är väldigt nöjda med den visuella designen och vårt samarbete har varit både flexibelt och smidigt. Prodelox har varit mycket kundorienterade genom hela processen och vi riktigt längtade efter våra kreativa designmöten.

Tomas Ahlström, grundare Lifee AB

Att arbeta med Prodelox innebär att man får tillgång till en hel organisation med bred kompetens. Det ger både flexibilitet, hög tillgänglighet och kontinuitet i arbete jämfört med att arbeta med enskilda resurskonsulter.

David Eskilsson, VD Edeva

Our partners.

We work with a variety of organizations and incubators that help to strengthen our offering.


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