XM Reality – Experts at remote guidance

XMReality contacted Prodelox to collaborate on a customization of its product, XMExpert. The product makes it possible to provide expert assistance remotely, and consists of two parts: a mobile part worn by the person needing support, and stationary part used by the expert guide. The mobile part consists of video glasses, a camera, headphones, and a computer, while the expert part consists of a monitor, computer, touchpad and headphones. The customization project was very successful, and many of the company’s customers have now also requested a more flexible product for less complex environments, so this customized solution became the starting point for the development of a new product.

Project description

XMReality’s goal was to develop devices that are smaller, more flexible, and can handle all types of weather conditions. Furthermore, it had to be possible to carry the computer of the mobile device in a backpack. In close collaboration with the customer, Prodelox provided the visual and mechanical design of the product’s mechanical parts, housings, plastic parts, and all the parts that hold the electronics in place.

“The project included everything from precision engineering and plastics engineering to design and coordination,” says Markus Peltonen from Prodelox’s design team. “The biggest challenge was getting all the adjustable parts in the glasses to work together well, and our 3D printers were invaluable in that effort. The parts had to fit perfectly – not too loose, not too tight.”

Development process

Based on its unique product knowledge, XMReality made a simple model of how they wanted the product to look and work. The model made a good starting point for the team’s discussions about different solutions. Torbjörn Gustavsson, CEO of XMReality, says that the work went smoothly, with frequent checkpoints and iterations.

“Prodelox contributed relevant knowledge about the mechanics, material strength, 3D modeling and production preparations. Everything about the collaboration was smooth and easy,” says Torbjörn.

Markus Peltonen is part of the team at Prodelox working with the assignment. He says that the different disciplines worked closely together and everyone had the opportunity to be innovative and creative.

“The result looks very good, and we extremely happy with it,” says Torbjörn Gustavsson, CEO of XMReality. “Now our previous product model looks rather clumsy. For example, in this new model, a tablet can be used instead of a computer. We have a varied product range to match our customers’ differing needs. The combination of our advanced augmented-reality technology with Prodelox’s broad and deep expertise in product development produced fantastic results. The technology that we offer is simply unique in the world.”