Development of a hangar for automated helicopters for Scandicraft AS

Scandicraft AS hired Prodelox to develop a hangar for autonomous helicopters. The hangar is an important part of the Scancam surveillance system, which Scandicraft markets. Prodelox has the responsibility of completing a complex project involving a broad spectrum of Prodelox’s skills.

Development process

The project started with an idea and conceptual study that was a cooperative effort between Prodelox and Scandicraft. From there, Prodelox’s industrial designers created proposals for the hangar exterior. At the same time, the mechanical engineers developed control systems and other mechanical aspects. CFD analyses were performed to make certain that the interior of the hangar would be able to maintain the right environment despite weather conditions. During the project, the first unit was built and tested in Prodelox workshop.


Prodelox’s project model and broad spectrum of competences were the key to the project’s success. This project is a good example of efficient processes producing good results. Indeed, Scancam was nominated as one of seven finalists out of 800 entries in the DnB NOR’s Innovation Awards.

“I found Prodelox very professional in their interaction with us as clients,” says Nils Kvilvang, CEO of Scandicraft. “They’re especially good at identifying good technical and mechanical solutions from a described idea. I perceived the project process to have worked well from start to finish, the communication during the project was impeccable and parts of the finished product even exceeded our expectations.”