Over the past year, Prodelox has had a close partnership with the environmental technology company Predect AB in Stockholm. A joint project team with Predect and Prodelox developed equipment for analyzing drinking water. The product, Predect 300, is based on a unique laser-based analysis method that Predect developed after many years of water treatment experience.

Development process

The Predect 300 analyses water in real-time. The moment water quality deteriorates, an alarm is triggered and a water sample is automatically taken. This allows for quick action to keep water consumers from getting sick from contaminants.


The market for the product is mainly waterworks and secondly industrial companies. So far, it’s been sold to companies in Sweden, China and India.

“A fun project and exciting product that has great potential and does a lot of good in society,” says Håkan Olofsson, project manager at Prodelox.

“A fruitful collaboration that resulted in shorter time to market,” says Fredrik Wittboldt, production manager at Predect.