Activity bracelet to get kids moving

Lifee is a bracelet that turns everyday life an exciting game for kids, where every kind of physical activity is rewarded. By walking, jumping, and moving, kids collect activity points and conquer new challenges. The creative quartet behind Lifee has extensive experience, including computer gaming and software development.

Project description

Prodelox was commissioned to develop the bracelet design and concept in close collaboration with the team behind Lifee. Tomas Ahlström, one of the founders, says the goal was to create a modern, simple, intuitive, “cool” design where all interactions are done through movements. The idea was that it should not feel like a normal watch, but at the same time not stand out too much, says Tomas.


Development process

Johannes Sjödin, a designer at Prodelox, was the primary designer and concept developer. He describes a creative process focusing on simplicity in design, smooth interaction, and an organic feel.

“We started with joint brainstorming, comparing the concept with other types of bracelets on the market. The development work was been tightly focused, intense, and always in close collaboration with the customer. The funniest moment of the project was when we showed our sketches and ideas to children of various ages to see what they thought. It turned out that the kids didn’t like what we adults had expected,” says Johannes.


The work with Lifee has now entered an implementation phase, where both the market and the media are showing great interest in the product.

“Now that we have a prototype, we can develop our prospective company faster,” says Tomas Ahlström, CEO of Incredible Concepts of Sweden AB. “We’re very pleased with the visual design, and our collaboration was flexible and smooth. Prodelox was very customer-oriented throughout the process, and we really looked forward to our creative design meetings.”