Development and design of innovative screen for computer gaming

In collaboration with Division by Zero AB in Stockholm, Prodelox developed a new kind of computer screen for gaming. Marketed under the name iDome, the product is based on an idea by John Nilsson, who founded Division by Zero.

Development process

The screen is a semi-sphere onto which the computer game is projected. The player’s entire field of view is filled with the projected image from the game, offering a whole new kind of immersion in the gaming world. The projection surface is held in place by a rig that stands on the floor. The product collapses for storage in a bag, and is quick and easy to assemble for use. The product is intended for consumer use in gaming, but many simulation industries have also shown an interest.


Developing the iDome presented many challenges. The demands of low weight, extreme configurability and the right optical properties were merged into a product that consists of many innovative solutions made of plastic, aluminum, and textile materials.

“Prodelox demonstrated the same level of dedication to my product as if they were own employees, which is something a newly formed company really needs,” says Nilsson. “It would have been impossible to design this product and with the level of polish it has in this short amount of time without Prodelox.”