Looking for leaks with INFICON Instruments

One of our interesting client companies is Inficon AB. They sell specialist instruments for detecting and testing for leaks, and we’ve had the privilege of providing mechanical development in several of their product development projects.

Development process

INFICON leak detection equipment is based on a technique using diluted hydrogen as a tracer gas with a unique measurement method. The company’s instruments are used to find leaks in a variety of industrial environments, both above and below ground, particularly where there is a risk of fluid discharge such as water, fuel, and oils. The device typically consists of leak detection instruments, fixed and hand-held probes (with sensors that detect the hydrogen gas), instruments for tracer gas filling and fixture guiding.


We also helped develop several hand-held probes as well as the probe of the future for INFICON leak detection instruments. The latter project involved industrial design, concept development and detailed mechanical design. The systems being tested for leakage must be filled with tracer gas. The leak detection instrument is coupled with a tracer gas filler instrument that can be operated manually or automatically by the inspector.

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Inficon Sentrac Left w Probe 01 LowRes