Image Systems sees the benefits of Prodelox’s complete range of skills

Image Systems AB is one of the world’s leading companies working with high-resolution image processing and scanning of film for media and the defense industry, with solutions for motion analysis of high-speed images. Prodelox’s collaboration with Image Systems started in 2009 with a small project for the company’s Golden Eye film scanner. Since then, Prodelox has been entrusted with more and more of Image Systems’ mechanical designs and product development.

Development process

The work with the latest version of Golden Eye III with LEDs also involved industrial design, concept development, complete mechanical design and production documentation including electrical documentation.

“The collaboration with Prodelox has worked well on all levels, and they also manage the more long-term production aspects,” says Image Systems’ CEO. “But more often than not we want short and fast help from them with testing design concepts.”


“We’re constantly working to improve the products’ mechanical design and performance,” says Jonas Wallinder, who is the person at Prodelox who largely leads the projects in collaboration with Image Systems.