A soundless project for the Elfa Group

Elfa has been developing smart storage solutions since the 1940s. The company is known for high-quality, practical shelves, storage boxes and sliding doors with a modern design.

Project description

“We always work to develop new ideas and concepts for the home, and innovative product development is really important to us. Elfa was early on the market with a patented solution for a ‘soft closing’ sliding door for closets. But we weren’t entirely satisfied with how the component worked and decided to improve the design,” says Peter Nilsson, Chief Technology Officer at Elfa.

After working internally with the problem for a while, Elfa contacted Prodelox and started collaborating to find a better solution with as few changes as possible to the components.

“Together we developed a better solution,” says Peter Nilsson, Chief Technology Officer at Elfa. “We’re pleased with how the damping component works, and the new sliding-door solution will be rolled out in September. Prodelox was very easy to work with. We briefed them, gave them directives and told them of our expectations. We were able to take part in the work developing the new solution, which was interesting and beneficial. The project didn’t demand a lot of time or resources from our part, and it’s clear that Prodelox is a company with broad and sound competency.”