Prodelox had the privilege of working with the medical technology company Elekta AB to develop an advanced radiation shielding tool. When their world renowned product, Leksell Gamma Knife, needs its radiation source replaced, the re-supply machine must be shielded from radiation. The shield has to be easy to transport, despite its size and weight, and provide good ergonomics for the service personnel.

Development process

This was an exciting and challenging project, which required most of our areas of expertise to create an optimal solution. The requirements included a new design, larger size, better radiation shielding, a new transportation method, and improved ergonomics.

“A very exciting project, especially given that we managed to improve ergonomics for the service personnel,” says Jan Jensen, project manager at Prodelox.


Elekta has several machines that circumnavigate the globe to service and replace radiation sources for customers. Radiation shielding is a key aspect of a re-supply machine, so it’s no surprise that it’s mostly made of lead. That makes the total machine weight approximately 13 tons, which creates extra demands on its design, transportation, and ergonomics.