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Prodelox is the product development agency that brings ideas to life and helps you shape the products of tomorrow. We quickly turn ideas into products that will reach the market, helping companies from all business spheres – from global names like ELFA and Elekta, to start-ups like Edeva and XM Reality – to develop new innovations and improve existing products. Our many clients have discovered that our approach offers unique opportunities to create innovative products whose form and expression fit perfectly with their function and the chosen production method.

We’re a creative product development agency

Prodelox was founded in 2007 with a vision to develop products in a different way. The idea was to bring together all the necessary elements of good product development under the same roof and to work without boundaries between areas of expertise or functionality.

This vision proved to meet a need among product-owning companies. Our client base has gradually grown, and many have become recurring customers. This led to continuous growth for Prodelox, which currently employs some 30 skilled and dedicated product developers helping hundreds of customers.

Extensive experience of creative solutions.

At Prodelox we love to brainstorm with all the strength of our broad expertise and all the experience we’ve amassed from the hundreds of projects we’ve completed to create innovative solutions that work.

Practical reality is the core of everything we do.

All of us at Prodelox believe that practical reality is at least as important as theory when developing products. We build and test prototypes in our workshop, often already at the idea stage, to ensure that the reality lives up to the theory.

Theoretical expertise ensures results you can rely on.

Our employees represent countless university hours and many years of experience working in complex, highly theoretical projects. This gives us a uniquely broad skill set, from designing advanced plastic molding tools to performing any number of technical calculations.

We have chosen Prodelox because they have broad expertise in everything from mechanics to industrial design. In addition, they deliver great solutions with high creativity, on time and at the right time. We were very pleased with the cooperation worked and the results.

Per Bröms, Chief Architect of ThinFilm

We are very pleased with the visual design and our cooperation has been both flexible and adaptable. Prodelox has been highly customer-oriented throughout the process and we really longed for our creative design meetings.

Tomas Ahlström, frounder of Lifee AB

Our approach is based on the customer’s actual situation and needs. Everything we do is based on innovation and collective expertise – ours and yours. You get cost-effective development of innovative, competitive and profitable products that strengthen your brand. We work with a range of product development models, all customized for your company’s situation.

Different approaches, depending on your needs

Complete projects

If you want, we can take full responsibility for your development projects. We designate a project manager who is responsible both for managing our collective efforts and for coordinating with you. We staff the project with the right resources and expertise at every step of the way.

With our approach, you have full insight and control over the projects we do for you in terms of time, finances and results. We have well-defined procedures for each project phase and our staff is experienced with large, complex projects. Prodelox can also coordinate with the company you choose for serial production, which minimizes lead times and maximizes efficiency at every stage.

Concept generation

We can quickly develop new ideas and solutions for your products. Our innovation process allows us to develop good ideas that are not only creative, but also realistic and rooted in your reality.

A carefully assembled team of product developers with different specializations and experiences carries out the innovation process. After creating a selection of concepts, we refine them and present them clearly and logically to you, so you can choose what works best for your project.

We regularly provide concept generation for large and small customers, and we’re pleased that many of our innovations are turned into products and solutions that our customers take to market.

Innovation support

Prodelox has extensive experience working with innovators to develop and refine their ideas into products. This allows us to offer qualified development services packaged in a unique way. Our planning lets you work cost-effectively. In small steps, we work with you to decide what to do based on your budget. All of our customers have access to our whole range of product development services – concept development, visualization, design, calculation work, and prototyping. Our work is always confidential and we take all necessary steps to protect your idea. Many innovators have seen their ideas come to life thanks to sometimes small but crucial input from our product developers.

Prodelox has developed a manual on product development for innovators and small businesses. Contact us for a free copy. As part of our innovation-support services, we cooperate with Almi in Stockholm, Östergötland and several other parts of Sweden.

Continuous development

We can take continuous responsibility for all or part of your product development process. We also offer continuous management of your product development and product documentation, which may include a promise to always be available when you need us, and to provide configuration control and data storage for your line of products.

Targeted efforts

You may find that one particular area of our expertise is all you need. We’re happy to take on individual tasks in your product development, such as conducting a design study or performing mechanical calculations.

We can also turn out a prototype for you even if we weren’t involved in the development. We’re always available when you need us, because our expertise in product development is well integrated and coordinated.

Our customers are companies that need to develop good physical products, whether they’re small start-ups, global corporate groups, or anything in between. To help our customers create products that create value for their users, we offer everything from innovative conceptual studies and visualizations, to industrial design, mechanical development, technical calculations, to electrical and software development or prototyping.

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